LIFE GROUPS are a great way to meet new people, get connected, have fun and go deeper with God. Our hope is that you will not only grow in fellowship and relationship with each other as new connections are made, but that you would grow in faith and get closer to God. Our Life Groups are interest based where you sign-up to attend a group of your choice in person or online. A wide variety of groups will be on offer each term from active groups; crafty groups, Bible study groups and everything in between. 


THEY TAKE PLACE at three set times throughout the year. This allows us to regularly get connected but still allowing periods of pause. 




WE BELIEVE we are called to transform our communities with the love and life of God. 

Our desire is not simply to be a church that gathers, but to live out faith on our frontlines.Life Groups help us develop discipleship, equip for mission, and to grow in faith and friendship. Engaging with God in prayer and engaging with God through serving are integral to who we are and what we do as a church.

LIFE GROUPS are a place of; encouragement, scripture, prayer and next steps...


ENCOURAGEMENT. We believe that Life Groups are a place of encouragement where 

people can share and do life together. They are a place of support, to grow in confidence and hope together. 


SCRIPTURE. We believe that Life Groups are a place of scripture, where God’s Word is at the 

centre. They are a place where we can discuss and apply God’s Word to our lives together. 


PRAYER. We believe that Life Groups are a place of prayer where we come together to pray. They are a place where prayer and aligning with God are at the centre. 


NEXT STEPS. We believe that Life Groups are a place of next steps. They are a place where we get connected into the wider church and God’s Kingdom; being released and following God’s 

calling on our lives.


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