Welcome to Elim Life Church. Everyone is welcome to join us!

Why we exist

Why we exist

Transforming our community with the love and life of God.

We believe that we have been called to multiple locations and encourage each person to be witnesses for God on our frontlines. “Where the river flows…life grows” (Ezekiel 47:9).


Reach-we are committed to reaching those who don’t yet know Jesus and being a light into our community and on our frontlines.

Raise-we are committed to raising up faith-filled and faithful disciples of Jesus.

Release–we are committed to releasing people into their God-given, spirit-empowered purpose and gifts as part of God’s Kingdom.


The Elim Life Church we see is a place and people of; Welcome; Witness; Worship; Word; Works; Wonders.

Welcome–we are a community, a family, that do life together. We are inclusive, hospitable and encouraging to all.

Witness–we individually and corporately share the Gospel in our community and on our frontlines.

Worship–we devote our whole life to worship through encounter, presence and prayer.

Word–we have strong Biblical foundations. We promote Biblical interaction and understanding.

Works–we care for the least and the lost.

Wonders–we pursue Spiritual Gifts and miraculous signs of the Kingdom.


We realise that the world is full of different people and strive to cater and make space for all to connect with God and each other; from babies to teenagers, men and women, married couples to single parents, young adults to senior citizens, from the youngest to the oldest! Our desire is that people will come to faith in Jesus Christ, grow in discipleship and be released into effective ministry belonging to a dynamic and welcoming community of Jesus followers.