Welcome to Elim Life Church. Everyone is welcome to join us!


Serve - What can you do?

At Elim Life Church serving one another in love is one of our core values. Jesus, the son of God, said of himself that He came ‘not to be served, but to serve’ (Mark 10:45) and for those first followers of Jesus, and all who come after, serving is a distinctive and hallmark of Christian life.

We welcome guests and visitors and those who decide to join we encourage to get involved, find a place to serve and do it with love! In the same way that if someone comes to your home you serve them we believe that when you get committed and connected as part of this expression of the family of God, we are here to serve God and serve others; whether on a regular team or ad hoc basis. You may think you don’t have much to give or are not sure where to serve – God has given each person a unique set of gifts, talents and abilities and we love nothing more than discovering those and releasing people into purpose. The church is described as a body, each part equally important to overall function and effectiveness. We as a church serve well when each person is living out their part.

There are many different areas to serve and teams to join, as well as events and occasions through the year for you to volunteer. Here are some of the teams you could join.

  • Hospitality (Stewards/Welcome/Car Park) Team
  • Kids Team
  • Youth Team
  • Catering Team
  • Worship/PA/Media Team
  • FoodBank
  • English Language Class
  • Senior Citizens
  • Care Team
  • Drama Team
  • Prayer Ministry

Have a look at the list and the website for the different ministries that operate through Elim Life Church. If you want to volunteer to get involved or want to chat about discovering your gifts for God, please contact us enquiries@elimlifechurch.co.uk

Contact the church office for more details