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Become a member of Elim Life Church

At Elim Life Church everyone matters and everyone is welcome.

The word membership may seem to some as an exclusive word that requires little of people – you can be a member of a club or a gym but it doesn’t mean much. Membership in a church context is much more about partnership –if you partner in something there is a sense of contribution and commitment on both sides.

To be a member of a Church is essentially a commitment to be an active part of a local body of believers. It is God who joins us together in unity, to worship and work as one in His Kingdom.  Membership happens when you recognise that God has called you to join this expression of His church. Every Church has its members, as well as those who attend without making this further step of commitment and all are equally valuable.

Membership does not save you only faith in Jesus Christ does that. It is our understanding that everyone who has committed his or her lives to a personal relationship with God is a member of the Body of Christ and with that comes a call to fulfil and outwork your purpose as part of the Church.

As a church, we seek to connect and engage with our community in many different ways and throughout we trust the Holy Spirit to move through the transformed hearts of our members and volunteers mobilizing the body of Christ to love the city, love our family, and glorify God.

If you want to know more about membership with Elim Life Church download the free PDF ‘Considering Commitment’ and get in touch with us at enquiries@elimlifechurch.co.uk or call the office 0121 350 9650.